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Kyle Hart

Kyle and his wife Amy were both born and raised in northern Illinois. Kyle received his bachelor of arts degree at Wheaton College, Wheaton Illinois and later studied at the University of Illinois-Springfield graduate school. Upon graduation, Kyle served four years in the Engineer Corps of the Army, where he volunteered for deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, and had the amazing job of working with the Military Working Dog Program. His experiences in the Army helped solidify his love for an active outdoor lifestyle and a vocation that would facilitate this. After fulfilling his service in the Army, Kyle and Amy moved back to Illinois and Kyle began his career in real estate in 2012; his experience in real estate includes managing a wide array of property asset classes in four different states, to residential brokerage, to land brokerage. Kyle is passionate about helping individuals and families find properties to help them live a better lifestyle now and to pass on generational wealth. Kyle loves the tangible nature of real estate, and how real estate is a unique investment in that it can be utilized, enjoyed, and improved by the owner. Kyle joined Mossy Oak Properties because he found a company that shares this same passion and vision for land and helping people live a better outdoor lifestyle.

Kyle and Amy have six children and enjoy homeschooling. Amy is a practicing pediatric occupational therapist and Kyle and Amy are both extremely passionate about helping people live a more active outdoor lifestyle as reflected by their vocations. Kyle’s brother and sister each have a respective family farm which Kyle takes his family to visit a few times each year, and is an annual highlight for the children especially. Kyle & Amy also have a fun family popcorn business called Liberty Popcorn, where they supply popcorn and retro popcorn machines to various businesses throughout the Chicagoland area. Kyle and his family attend the Anglican Church of the Resurrection, in Wheaton IL.

 If you are looking for property in northern Illinois, Kyle would be happy to guide you through the process and can be reached at; 630-945-6200 or emailed at

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